Liat Practitioner

Liat Katz Elyashar


“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

Liat believes that therapy is a deep & intimate encounter, and one through which your authentic inner self can be discovered. Her motive is not to ‘fix’ you, but to support you in creating shifts from a place of choice and awareness.

As a psychologist practicing in Israel, Liat worked for many years with holocaust survivors, whose personal stories of survival, resilience and search for meaning enlightened her and shaped who she is today.

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Liat Practitioner

Liat’s approach involves relational psychodynamic therapy where she combines varied practices including Mindfulness, Emotional Focus therapy and Narrative techniques. She has extensive experience working with clients from wide & diverse backgrounds, including those facing challenging emotions (such as anxiety, mood changes and depression); body image and self-esteem; past experiences of trauma; grief and loss; parental challenges; adapting to life transitions and couple relationship difficulties. She works with adults and adolescents as well as with children and their parents.

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Grief & Loss

Life Transitions

Child & Adolescence 



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Liat’s quick tip for dealing with emotions

“Every action has a reaction – my tip is to not react in the midst of a storm. When something happens to you leading to negative emotions, whether it is an argument with your boss, your partner or your child, take a step back before reacting. There is a short moment between an action/stimulus and a reaction which determines the outcome. The choice is in your hands. This is not easy and requires practice, but as a Viktor E. Frankl once said ‘In our response lies our growth and our freedom’.

Outside the therapy room

“As a mum to three boys, I enjoy spending time with my sons and being attuned to the way they experience life.  I love the ocean and I enjoy walking on the beach to clear my mind, and I’ve recently discovered a love of volleyball. When I have time, I love exploring Sydney and finding great coffee places.”

My Brilliant Friend

What I’m Reading…


“It’s a four-part series that follows the life and friendship of two Italian girls over almost 70 years. The books explore enduring female friendship and capture the characters in a whole way, with depth and complexity. It touches on love, jealousy, cruelty, maternal roles, social environments and the internal life from childhood to adulthood. I really don’t want to finish the last book!”

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