Louise Harvey


“The body always leads us home… if we can simply learn to trust sensation and stay with it long enough for it to reveal appropriate action, movement, insight, or feeling.”


Louise is a Clinical Psychologist with a passion for working holistically. She believes that deep healing and growth come from connecting to our whole experience, our bodies, emotions and thoughts. 

Louise’s strengths lie in supporting you to recover and heal from trauma, childhood adversity and addiction. She is passionate about helping you foster a nourishing relationship with yourself and others in order to build a full and meaningful life.

Louise sees her role as therapist as developing connections based on openness, acceptance and positive regard. Louise combines elements of somatic psychotherapy and mindfulness with evidence based approaches including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). She also works with Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR Therapy), an interactive form of therapy that helps reduce emotional distress by encouraging side-to-side eye movements or bilateral hand tapping. It’s proven particularly effective for the treatment of PTSD, trauma, phobias, anxiety & mood disorders.

Louise believes the path to growth involves recognising, celebrating and building upon our existing strengths and resources. “I see therapy as an opportunity to slow down and turn inwards, to notice, feel and make sense of how we experience the world. I believe that from this place we have the opportunity to grow and break free of old, self-limiting thoughts, emotions and behaviours”.  

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Trauma and Complex Trauma 




Transformation and Change 

Louise’s Grounding Tip: For when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed

“Standing, shift your weight into the different areas of the feet: the toes, heels and sides. Come to balance your weight evenly across the entire surface of the feet. Sense the feet soften as they connect with the earth. Unlock and gently bend your knees, moving gently up and down. Shift the weight from leg to leg before allowing your weight to balance between your legs. Come to stand in stillness, sense into the weight of your body. Feel the gentle pull of gravity downwards connecting your feet to the ground.”

Outside the therapy room

“I love food, both eating out and cooking. I’m really into Sri Lankan food at the moment. On the weekends, I go to the farmers markets in Eveleigh or Blackheath in the Blue Mountains to buy fresh ingredients. I like hiking and can often be found bushing walking in the Blue Mountains National Park. Ruined Castle is one of my favourite tracks. I am not averse to a Netflix binge.”

Surry Hills Cafe and Restaurant

What I’m Listening To…


“I’m currently listening to Maggie Rogers – Heard it in a Past Life. I am loving the uplifting mix of honest, self-aware lyrics and earthy, organic danceable music. Whenever I hear her songs I can’t help but dance and sing.”

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