Kickstart Your Heart

6.45 PM – 9.15 PM | 6 WEEK COURSE

Peel back the layers of your mind to truly understand your heart

Relationships Course, Divorce, Kickstart Your Hearta

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, this immersive course is designed to break down the emotional barriers that no longer serve you and help cultivate more love in your life, from the inside out.

How do we let people in, while looking out for ourselves? How do we heal from past hurts, understand our needs and learn how to communicate them? We’ll use immersive experiences, mindfulness and positive psychology to help you assess how you may be restricting your ability to connect to both yourself and others.

You’ll identify behavioural patterns and process past relationships, while developing your foundations of connection, such as communication, forgiveness and gratitude – all of this leading to a more compassionate, authentic you.

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What will you learn?

  • Why we build up these fortresses of emotional protection; your barriers to meaningful connection
  • The role mindfulness and self-awareness can play in our relationships
  • How to identify your needs and communicate effectively and assertively
  • How to rediscover your strengths and practise vulnerability
  • How to better deal with emotions using mindfulness and positive psychology
  • Develop an understanding of how your brain works
  • How to create a vision for your relationships based on your values and priorities
Relationships Course, Trauma, Break-up, Kickstarat Your Heart
Stress, Anxiety, Relationships Course, Breakup, Kickstart Your Heart

This course is perfect for you if

  • You’re looking to understand and learn from past relationships whether currently single or attached
  • You’re looking for self-love and want a better relationship with yourself, to better connect with others
  • You’d like to develop the confidence to be authentic in relationships and life
  • You’re looking to process elements of your past to better shape your future
  • You’re seeking more authentic connection in all relationships: family, romantic and friendships.

How you will learn


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Immersive Experiences

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Interactive Exercises

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Self Inquiry & Reflection

Self Development Course Sydney


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Facilitator Overview

Establishing The Indigo Project in 2012, Mary Hoang specialises in combining psychology with creative means to help people manage their overactive minds. An in-demand teacher and speaker, featured by Vivid, Sunrise, FBi Radio and The Sydney Morning Herald, Mary’s expertise in utilising mindfulness to unlock potential and achieve balance continues to gain popularity among people ready to take control of their lives. 

“It’s ok to be human – to sometimes feel broken and fragmented, lost and afraid. To be wild, carefree, responsibly irresponsible and indulgent. To discover and cultivate a place inside of you that revels in stillness, compassion, love and trust. We are so dynamic and to truly live is to accept all the facets that we are without judgement. To accept that you are enough, just as you are – this is the beautiful journey of learning to be really human.”

– Mary Hoang

Course Details



DURATION: 6 Week Course
DATE: 25th June – 30th July, Tuesday evenings
TIME: 6:45 – 9:15 pm
LOCATION: 33 Foster Street, Surry Hills
COST: $795
$695 (Early Bird)
Payment Plans: We offer payment plans on request, payable via instalments. 
Financial Hardship: The Indigo Project is proud to reserve one place in each course for those experiencing financial hardship.
For more info on the above, please get in touch. Tickets for courses are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please see our T&Cs for more info.


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Kickstart - June (Early Bird)$695.00