WTF is the Mental Health Care Plan? - The Indigo Project
and how do I get one?

WTF is the Mental Health Care Plan

Getting mental help support can be a daunting task. But once you’ve decided that you want to reach out and chat to someone (nice, good call) it can be tricky to know where to start.

Fortunately, in Australia, Medicare does us a solid and offers rebates for 20 individual (or support group) therapy sessions within a year. What this means is, the government will shout $88 – $129 (depending on your therapist’s specialization) towards each therapy session. You just need to cover the rest.



Step One: Go see your GP. Tell them about the mental health issues you’ve been having and that you’re keen to get help and talk to someone about it. You’ll likely be asked to complete some questionnaires to give your doctor an idea of the scope of your issues and allow them to provide some written background to your psychologist.

Step Two: Your GP will write you up a referral (just like they would for you to see any kind of specialist, like an orthodontist or a podiatrist). Your GP might have someone they recommend within your area or you can always tell them who you’d like to see. To see one of our practitioners here at Indigo, ask your doctor to make out your Mental Health Plan to The Indigo Project, 33 Foster St, Surry Hills.

And you’re done. Next step from here is to get in touch with your preferred clinic or practitioner (like us!) and book an appointment.

Here at Indigo, we’ll help match you with a practitioner we think will be best suited to you and what you want to work on.

We even have a handy feature on our website, where you can filter our 40+ psychologists based on who specializes in your issue, such as Darren – a senior psych who can help with depression & anxiety, Navit, a clinical psych specializing in relationships, stress & couples therapy, or Michael, a practitioner who can help you deal with alcohol & substance issues.

Better yet, if after your first session you don’t think that that practitioner was right for you, we will match you with someone new (and the second session is on us!*)


The Medicare rebate is only applicable for certain, allied mental health services. When making a booking with your practitioner, be sure to mention you have a mental health care plan and you’d like your rebate to go towards your session. As psychologists generally charge different hourly rates, it’s wise to ask how much the session will be after the rebate, so you know how much you’ll be paying. Handy to note that all our psychologists here at Indigo are registered and eligible for the Medicare rebate.


You don’t need to have your Mental Health Care Plan in hand in order to book in with us! You can make an appointment in advance and just pick up your Mental Health Care Plan from your GP sometime before your session.


Absolutely. Click here to check out our practitioners and book your first session with us online. Don’t know who to choose or want to ask us a few questions? No worries – just email or give us a call on +61 2 9212 5469 and we can find a practitioner that will be right for you.

Congrats on taking the first steps to sorting out your head. Your future self will thank you for it.