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The Best Therapy Memes & Tweets

So meme culture has taken a serve at therapy and we have to say, we are amused. So often, people are turned off the idea of chatting to a therapist because they are under the illusion of what therapy will be like – something heavy, Intense, serious, scary. And sure, sometimes it can be. But other times it can be curious, a bit weird and even funny!

We’ve compiled 12 of the funniest therapy memes & tweets below that might leave you saying “straight up, book me in.”

1. Casually Marie Kondo-ing your mind.

2. We owe so much to Freud’s leather lounge legacy.

3. When social media is life.

4. No hats in the therapy room, pls & thank you.

5. Never stop searching for yourself.

6. Watches ‘Girl Interrupted’ once

7. A+ in achievement motivation

8. Can you use falkor as a coping mechanism?

9. Who would do this to a defenceless child?

10. Whose idea was this?

11. Don’t like it. But i’ll do it.

12. Learning to express feelings like…

We don’t mind laughing at ourselves a little, but the benefits you can gain out of even just a couple of sessions with a therapist are no joke. If you’re curious to learn more about our practitioners, you can find them here

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