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“To be human is to enter periods of challenge and darkness. These moments are not to be feared, as they hold the keys to deeper wisdom. We can learn to be with all that is – to appreciate the good when it’s there, and to accept the hard times, knowing that it builds character, depth, and sheds light on what truly brings us meaning”

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Our Perfect Match Promise

Meeting a therapist for the first time can feel like a first date. If you don’t connect with your psychologist after your first or second session, we’ll pair you with a new practitioner and your next session will be on the house*. We’ve got your back. (*T&C’s Apply)

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See a Therapist. Get Money Back.

With a valid Mental Health Care Plan through Medicare, you may be entitled to at least $85 back per therapy session for up to 10 sessions per calendar year. Issued on the discretion of your GP. Speak to us to find out more.

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The world is a small place these days. Our psychologists in Sydney are always available to you, whether you’re living outside of the city, travelling, or unable to visit our Surry Hills space in person. With our Skype sessions, you know you’ll be supported wherever you are.



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